Employee Loyaltly Is At a Three-Year Low and Most Empolyers are Unaware of This



In continuing on my mission of discovering all aspects of business communications, I have decided to take a more “internal” approach this post. Within the HR or internal strategic management side of communications, there is a wealth of knowledge to delve into, but not enough room in the post. Therefore, I am going to touch on an aspect, presented in this lovely infographic, which is not talked about often. In this graphic the website “GlobalThinking HR Communications” presents information about the declining employee-employer relationship that is currently plaguing small and big business alike. Not only do they say that employees are no longer loyal to their respective employers, but that employees are also losing their confidence in their employers. While, some business owners may have differing opinions on loyalty, I personally feel it is one of the most important components needed to conduct business. According to this graphic, employee benefits are correlated to employee loyalty. More importantly, employees want to have great benefits that are clearly communicated to them. When I reflect on my own personal career goals, I too also feel great benefits are a sign of success in ones “career journey”. We all aim for them, but how many of us really get those “idealized”, great benefits we all dream about? Overall, after analyzing  and reflecting on this infographic, I realized I’m “one of those” employees that see the correlation in workplace benefits and loyalty. Not only does it assert the employers credibility, but also shows how loyal they are to their employees. This I cannot disagree with.