The High Cost of Multitasking




The topic of “multitasking” is one of many controversial topics surrounding the current “hyper connectivity” era we live in. This infographic takes critical look at the downsides to multitasking.  I want to preface by stating, I don’t agree with the graphic, and personally love multitasking. However, this graphic states that multitasking costs the global economy $450 billion annually. I’m not sure how true these statistics are, but the graphic states that it is the distractions, and inability to complete tasks on time that cause them to frown upon multitasking. What they term “the distraction economy” is plagued by the average person checking their phone 150 times per day, and taking 25 minutes  to complete a task after being interrupted. To me this seems like an attack on Millennials, by those who have failed to adapt to the “new” global economy. I also find it hard to believe that in a business setting one can go without multitasking to any degree. I do agree that there are certain times when an individual should devote their full attention to a task, but I do not agree that multitasking will equate to a drop in IQ by any means.