True Colors- Infographic



I came across another visually appealing infographic in regards to Colour and branding. Since, I feel Colour it such an important aspect of business branding I felt justified in dedicating another post to this topic. In this graphic, they state that 60-80% of a consumers purchasing decision is dependent on colour and this can make or break a product. When Apple released their White Iphone 4, I was super impressed with the design and “expensive” appearance of their new model, eventually purchasing that model. I feel like in this case “changing/adding colours” did not work against the company. However, If Mcdonalds was to become “blue” for whatever reason, I would most definitely not respond the same way. In this way, I feel like colours within business branding is a subjective topic and is dependent on a number of factors within the company. Since this infographic states it costs a company “next to nothing” to chose a colour to brand themselves with, choosing wisely will determine the profitability of the company in the long run. 


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