The Evolution of The Customer Checkout Experience





In this infographic by “Merchant Warehouse” they take a deeper look into the evolution of the “customer purchasing experience”. What was once a simple cash transaction has now become either a: credit, debit, gift card, or even most recently a mobile transaction. It is interesting to see how far the consumer world has come in accommodating for purchasing goods and services. Just even 5 years ago, purchasing goods online was still a stressful task,  but today not only can consumers participate in e-commerce, but use their cellphones as “cash” as well. I personally love the invention of the self-checkout machine and use it whenever I can. I love seeing how far technology can take the world, but wonder what any risks or downsides would be to such “high-tech” forms of payment.


One thought on “The Evolution of The Customer Checkout Experience

  1. About a year ago, I was in a store and all the computers were down. The girl at the till had to manually add up the purchase items (I helped). I had to pay with cash (luckily I had some), and she had to hand write a receipt. I felt an extreme wave of nostalgia. I suddenly wished we could go back to these more personal transactions. It was an odd sensation.

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