Forbes 2012 Billionaire Facts and Figures


While I usually do not look at the Forbes lists, I ran across this is extremely visually appealing infographic and had to take a look. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Bill Gates at $76 Billion, is still the richest man in the world. However, I  was surprised to learn that the youngest billionaire is a 24 year old Hong Kong women. The graphic also presents a pie chart, which shows the percentages of the biggest populations of billionaires worldwide. I was not surprised that the biggest populations China, Russia, and U.S had a higher number of billionaires. The graphic displays other predictions, and statistics about billionaires around the world. What I found most interesting is that they list Michael Kors as a “first time” billionaire. In my opinion, this displays the true power of branding, and how far it can really take and individual in life. 




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