How Mobile is Changing Business


This infographic by KISSmetrics,  breaks down how mobile phones are becoming a more prominent consumer tool to purchase products. While,desktop usage by computer is still relatively high, the amount of people shopping on mobile devices and tablets has increase exponentially. Businesses should now expect that consumers want to “purchase on the go” and have to accommodate accordingly. I am noticing that more and more websites are beginning to have “proper” mobile websites. By this, I mean a website where a consumer can view the product or service and make a purchase securely, right from their mobile device or tablet. I personally, have started to use these methods more and more lately as it ‘s convenient for me when I am on the go. I feel like smartphones are becomes so advanced that very soon they will replace “traditional” computer systems, I just wish more companies would have readily accessible mobile sites that make sense and are are visually appealing, because it is now a component companies cannot just “overlook”.


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