The Anatomy of “Brand”


On my continued exploration of “the business side of communications” I’ve decided to dive more into the concept of “branding”. At first thought it sounds intimidating, like something which would involve big leaps of faith and unprecedented risks, with little in the way of “hope” to fall back on. While, branding is often tricky and can be hit or miss, a website call, has broken down this concept in a creative, yet tangible way. In their infogrpahic, “Anatomy of a brand”, they have associated various physical traits with their corresponding “business minded” characteristics. All, the way from your clothes, feet positioning, ears and mind, they have got you covered. Even the most skilled entrepreneur or business minded individual can benefit from these simple yet effective tips in personal branding. In an era where new and social media are so rampant and instrumental in the branding of business and people alike, you would have thought we would have all mastered branding by now. However, even the most skilled business minded individual requires the basics to operate. Thus, betterbusinessbrand has taken the work load off our shoulders, by doing the homework, and now all that is left is for us to study, learn and master these basic, but necessary concepts. READY, SET, BRAND! 



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