The Different Sides of Business Communications

When looking for inspiration for topics to write on for my blog, I was confused with all the various “fields” of communications I came across. Since I am interested in the corporate/strategic side of communications, I thought “why not break some come of the different areas of communications I’ve come across.” As a result, I’ve decided give a description of a few of the many aspects of strategic communications I’ve come across, in order to help any students looking to explore their options.

1. Strategic Communications

Strategic communications involves the strategic planning, management, marketing and even media relations within the “organizational” or “corporate” settings. It has two major aspects, the “internal” communications, which involves dealing with employer-organization relations (similar to HR). It also has the “external” component, which deals with the public-organizational relations. Other names for such departments include: Corporate communications, public affairs , internal communications and more.

2. Public Relations/Media Relations

Public/Media relation specialists are in the business of “maintaining images”. In other words they are responsible for ensuring an organization, or person maintains a positive image in the public eye. They are also present to repair damaged “organizational images” (called crisis management).They are the representatives of the organization, and communicate to the public via the media. Their duties can involve: writing press releases, maintaining social media platforms, organizing events, attracting press/publicity, representatives for employers, make and present presentations and they are even known to help in the marketing/advertising side of things. Other names include: Media specialists, Publicists, communications director, public affairs, and much more.  This field requires excellent persuasive writing skills, and the ability to understand the interests and concerns of the “public” or “clients” being dealt with.



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