The Different Sides of Business Communications Continued..

3. Internal communications

Internal communications involves the relationships between employers and the organization. It is a form of management, where leaders or specialists are elected to help maintain a positive environment within the organization. This field often crosses over with Human Resources, and they are often one department. Internal communications involves: dealing with polices, ethics, workplace information/training, standards/expectations, emotional support, and the exchange of idea within an organization.

4. Advertising/Marketing Communications 

Advertising is a form of marketing communications that involves persuading, convincing, or manipulating a particular audience to buy a product or service, or even take action on something. The goal is to obtain as many “consumers” as possible in a strategic manner. Marketing communications often involves the planning or management portion of the advertising. It involves innovation, persuasive ideas and writing and the ability to understand the target audience. Marketing communications often also involves using both traditional and social media as platform to reach out to a specific “market”. It is also knows as: promotions, direct marketing, sales, brand management and much more.

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